Jared Johnson, founder, principal and content awesomeness advisor

Jared Johnson, principal and founder

[Ul-TERR-eh] Lat. “Ulterius,” beyond, further or more advanced.

Ultera Digital is a lean digital marketing consulting and content agency serving health IT companies, health care providers and growing technology businesses in taking their influencer and content marketing further.

When our clients need additional Web or mobile services, we partner with fabulous full-service development agencies Boston Technology Corporation and Jaguar Labs.

Our Founder

Jared Johnson, principal and content awesomeness advisor, is a health care digital marketing thought leader with 13 years of experience researching, designing and implementing digital marketing solutions for health care and technology organizations. Onalytica listed him as a #DigitalHealth Top 100 Influencer. He is a blogger, speaker and host of the Health IT Marketer Podcast.

He tells the story of innovation in health IT by creating streams of awesome content that make people think differently. He helps others do the same through consulting and speaking with health care companies on the topics of influencer and content marketing.

He’s used to eating from the other side of the plate, and he’s had trouble with scissors since preschool. In other words, he’s left-handed and predisposed to challenging the status quo.

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Our philosophy

Diagnosing a digital strategy is like prescribing medication – different for each patient. Our philosophy is founded on the following six principles:

Strategy 1. Strategy, strategy, strategy. It’s common with the fast pace of digital marketing to want to get behind the wheel before checking the map. Don’t be common.
 Consumer's world 2. Fit within your consumer’s ecosystem. It’s a fact that your customer sees your offerings differently than you do. Look from their perspective for new insights.
 One size does not fit all 3. One size does not fit all. A doctor wouldn’t prescribe the same meds and dosage for each patient, and we wouldn’t, either. Know each channel’s value and make recommendations based on your resources and budget.
 Don't reinvent the wheel 4. Don’t reinvent the wheel. We believe in making a splash and setting you apart, but not by recreating ways of doing things that have already proven effective. If users expect a navigation menu at the top of their screen, we’ll likely keep it there and redirect our creative energy solving other challenges.
 Question assumptions 5. Assumptions are meant to be challenged. Something that didn’t work three years ago may be perfect now. Be prepared to constantly answer, “Why not?”
 Simplify 6. Simplify. In many cases, the simplest path is best. For instance, a minimalistic user design with plenty of open space helps users focus where you want them to focus.