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Telling the story of innovation in health care technology

The Health IT Marketer Podcast tells the story of the tools and trends in connected health. Host Jared Johnson stays relevant, inspirational and a little unconventional while interviewing rock stars of the health care marketing world. This program plugs you into the conversations happening about health care technology, whether you’re a clinician, CIO, or marketing to or on behalf of hospitals/providers.

Listen to recent episodes:

Time for Your SEO Checkup

Search engine optimization, or SEO. So often misunderstood. So frequently changing. So rarely done well. And so often ailing from neglected, outdated practices or black hat tricks that now only get your pages punished. Jim Bader of Vertical Measures gives us a... read more

Solving Your Content Marketing Woes

Ahava Leibtag, president of Aha Media Group, works tirelessly to rid the world of some of the more grievous errors that are made in content marketing. If you are like the majority of health care marketers who are stuck between having too much content and not enough,... read more

2016 Mid-Year Review

Jared reveals the top 5 episodes of 2016 so far and highlights excerpts from each one on topics including influencer marketing, CRM, patient engagement and SEO. Whether or not you have heard every episode during the first half of the year, Jared’s Mid-Year... read more