Content Marketing

Creating share-worthy content is one of the most effective strategies to win conversions and generate business.

How does content help you achieve your marketing objectives?

Providing useful information and tools to your target audiences builds trust and keeps you on their minds. Making the most of your content takes the right planning, the right tools and the right strategy.

Going further with your content

If you are like many marketers, you are excited about content but it may be challenging to prove its value to senior management. Content marketing is a long-term strategy to develop relationships and build trust.

If you set expectations too low, you run the risk of undervaluing your efforts. If you set them too high, the wheels might come off. You need to ensure that the time and resources will produce the results you want.

The more ways in which you can use your content, the easier it can be to justify the resources. How can you repurpose, re-use and recycle?

Content Marketing Resources

We have had some of the world’s premiere content marketing authorities on the Health IT Marketer Podcast. Listen and learn from the best.

Podcast Episode #6:
Content Marketing the Right Way — Audience First, Then Product
Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute

Joe Pulizzi, founder and CEO of the Content Marketing Institute and author of Content Inc., explains why entrepreneurs keep doing it wrong. He identifies six steps that successful businesses have used to build their audience first, then sell product. He also gives a recap of Content Marketing World and offers tips for health IT marketers to succeed with their content strategy. See full show notes here.

Podcast Episode #2:
Creating Share-Worthy Content
Brian Critchfield, Navel Marketing

Brian Critchfield, international content marketing guru and founder of Navel Marketing, sheds light on creating content that your target audience can’t help but share. Top 3 takeaways: (1) Learn 4 tools that form the foundation of any content marketing campaign; (2) Learn whether you should go for quality or quantity of content; and (3) Explore why you should stop thinking like a marketer and instead think like a journalist.