Health Care MarTech

Keynote Speaker

Hire Jared Johnson, one of the emerging voices of health care marketing technology (martech), to keynote your conference or team event.

What are People Saying?

“Jared Johnson’s presentation resonated well with everyone. I was touched because I too believe that health care is always personal. I really enjoyed Jared breaking the ice before his presentation by rapping. I could definitely see him going viral!”

Brian W.

“Entertaining and poignant while sharing innovative and human concepts. Keep inspiring and informing!”

Pamela R.


“Jared caught my attention right off the bat with his presentation style and unconventional approach. I can safely say I left his presentation armed with relatable principles and ideas to take back to my team. Well done.”

Matt B.

Sample Topics

  1. The New World health care communicator
  2. How to help clinicians adopt digital health
  3. Health IT and marketing: time to merge tribes

Recent Speaking Engagements

The New Career Path of the Health Care Communicator

To succeed today, health care marketers and communicators must extend their competencies to areas beyond their training, areas that have not been thought of as part of their expertise—to new subjects like quality metrics, patient engagement and electronic health records. Success now requires a desire to innovate, play Moneyball and break down organizational silos.

Jared took the audience on an autobiographical tour of his own career development in which he talked about:

  • Why transformation to versatility is the future of health care communications
  • How to change from marketing to engagement: Usher in digital conversations that go beyond a tack-on strategy
    • Everyday tips to set up your communications team for success

2017 Ragan Health Care Communicators Conference

2017 Social Media for Health Care Marketing

Taking the “Scary” Out of Health Care

Case study of Phoenix Children’s Hospital livestreaming a surgery on Periscope

When Good isn’t Good Enough: Baselining to Find Best Practices and Prioritize Digital Patient Experience

Health Care Website Benchmarking

Dave Wieneke, Connective DX

What are Mobile Companion Apps and How Can They Be Used in Your Next Service Line Marketing Campaign?

In the context of changing healthcare reform, marketers are capitalizing on customer engagement strategies from other industries by building mobile companion apps. These small 3-4 screen digital experiences foster patient engagement, loyalty, and brand ambassadors that evangelize new waves of patients.

Shawn Gross, White Rhino

2016 Health Care Internet Conference (HCIC)

2016 Health IT Marketing and PR Conference (HITMC)

Jared Johnson speaking at HITMC 2016.

Podcasters, Rock On!

Podcasting is taking center stage as a key channel for health care marketers. Attendees learned how to get the most out of listening to podcasts, as well as how to get started producing one of your own. Then we dove deeper as we showed how podcasters should use the same methods as indie musicians to build their audience and develop a quality product. For those about to podcast, we salute you!

Janet Kennedy, Get Social Health Podcast, and Joe Lavelle, intrepidNOW Healthcare Podcast

Emerging Technologies Driving New Patient Care

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Apple Watch dominated headlines in 2015. Patients are tracking more of their own health information with wearables, and expectations are changing for how to interact with caregivers. Jared and co-presenters took an inside look at how technology is affecting patient care settings, particularly the exam room. Attendees learned how physicians are utilizing wearables to advance medical care and engage with today’s connected patients.

Steve Koch and Russ Maloney, Sitewire Health

2015 Health Care Internet Conference (HCIC)

Jared Johnson speaking at the 2015 HCIC.

2015 Health IT Marketing and PR Conference (HITMC)

Jared Johnson speaking at HITMC 2015.

Digital Strategies for Patient Engagement in 2015 and Beyond

Consumers have more choices than ever for their care, but there are still large gaps in patient engagement. At least 68% of patients do not know the name of the physician in charge of their care. At least 43% of patients do not know the reason for their hospital admission. In this interactive session, Jared discussed three significant emerging trends in patient engagement: (1) the advancement of consumerism, (2) the impact of regulations on value-based care, and (3) new care models and partners entering the space.