6 month meme

Today we celebrate 6 months since taking the leap to a full-time consulting firm. We give a shout out to everyone who has ridden this crazy wave with us.

Here’s to the long-term success of Ultera Digital, which is indeed changing the world (thanks for the reminder, Success Kid). If you’re wondering what we do, we consult with clients to improve their digital marketing. It could be updating a physician’s profile on Yelp, generating “share-able” Web content for fleet managers, generating more online leads for car care products, reaching more patients in rural communities through Facebook, redesigning a financial services site to be mobile friendly, or collaborating on a medical app using Apple’s new ResearchKit framework.

In short, it’s way more than Web design. It’s anything that utilizes the latest digital tools to improve your business and tell your story. Today, it’s mobile, content marketing, search, social media, Web development and email. Tomorrow it could be rockets on Mars (as long as they can transmit back to our iPhones). It’s different every day as we learn what is special about each client and use that as the heart and soul of every campaign.