Gabriel Weinberg on the Health IT Marketer Podcast

Gabriel Weinberg explains the quantifiable process that he has used to help startups gain traction and rapidly acquire customers. Along the way, he has learned some unexpected lessons about how to select the right marketing channels when time and budgets are at a minimum. Listen to hear how he uses the Bullseye Method to brainstorm, test and select channels during different periods of business growth.

Show notes

Air Date: November 11, 2015
Guest: Gabriel Weinberg, author, Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Growth

1:03 Highlight from the Health Care Internet Conference (HCIC)
2:48 Introducing Gabriel Weinberg
4:06 Lessons from writing Traction
7:05 The Bullseye Method for selecting marketing tactics
12:22 Keys to conducting traction tests
17:22 The dangers of traction biases
20:00 Advice for health care startups
24:21 Other advice for health IT marketers
25:53 Bonus question: If you could join a music group or rock band for a day, who would it be?

Keys to traction that you may not expect

Gabriel’s interview includes some keys to selecting the right traction channel that you might not expect:

  • Underutilized channels can often give you the most success. Don’t assume that the tactics everyone are using are the best for you.
  • A traction channel that works best during one phase of your business or to accomplish one traction goal may not be the best channel during other phases.
  • Sometimes we are biased against certain traction channels because we think they aren’t scalable, but in the beginning phases of your business, the best channel for you may be a tactic that is not scalable.
  • Don’t wait to “plug the leaks” to put your product in front of customer or potential customers.
  • Spend half your time on traction and half on product development. Spending too much on product development can leave you with a product that no one wants or knows about.

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Guest biography

Gabriel Weinberg is the founder and CEO of DuckDuckGo, the search engine that doesn’t track you with over three billion searches in 2015. Previously he was the cofounder and CEO of Opobox, which was sold for $10 million. Weinberg resides in Valley Forge, PA and on twitter @yegg.

He is co-author of the book Traction: How any startup can achieve explosive growth.

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