Medical futurist Fard Johnmar

Medical futurist Fard Johnmar announces a new global study that is examining four key trends in health care — wearables, big data, mobile and social media — and how health providers are responding. Tune in as he discusses how health IT organizations must use and respond to these trends to succeed.

Show notes

Air Date: December 9, 2015
Guest: Fard Johnmar, medical futurist and co-author of ePatient 2015

0:37 Tweet me your favorite quote(s) from the podcast this year
1:29 Introducing Fard Johnmar
4:10 Announcing a global study to better understand digital health innovation
7:12 Examples of Fard’s predictions that have become reality
9:13 How an EHR provider can use predictive data to take action
11:10 Benchmarking wearables, big data, mobile and social media
15:03 Going out on a limb and making predictions about the future of health care
20:36 Taking action on heath care research
22:57 Bonus question: If you could join a music group or rock band for a day, who would it be?

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In his interview, Fard announced a global benchmarking research study of health providers and partner organizations. Participants immediately receive a 7-page personalized digital health innovation report.

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Guest biography

Fard Johnmar is a globally respected futurist, strategist and researcher who founded the digital health innovation consultancy
Enspektos in 2005. He is also co-author of the #1 global bestseller ePatient 2015: 15 Surprising Trends Changing Healthcare.
Fard has provided education, strategic insights, research and more to major health organizations, government agencies,
startups and others globally including Novartis, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Consulate General of

Fard’s research and insights have been featured in numerous media, including the Los Angeles Times, NPR, USA Today,
Forbes and Bloomberg. Fard serves on the advisory board for SXSW Interactive and was a fellow at the Society for New Communications Research, a prestigious global non-profit research and education foundation focused on the advanced study
of the latest developments in new and emerging communications tools and technologies. Fard also holds a U.S. patent for the
invention of a unique technology and methodology that measures the impact of digital content on intent and behavior.

Connect with Fard on Twitter at @FardJ.

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