Connect the Docs: Put Digital Health Into Practice

A Handbook for Clinicians by Jared Johnson

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Everybody wants clinicians to adopt digital health, but how?

Digital health influencer Jared Johnson asked that question to guests on the Health IT Marketer Podcast and was amazed by their responses.

Health care professionals are facing so many new challenges in today’s landscape of shifting business models, regulations and patient experience initiatives, it can be easy to ignore the innovation that is happening in digital health.

In this easy-to-read compilation, Jared shares conversations with 20 health care technology thought leaders who describe how to partner with patients and use digital health tools. Each conversation is with a well-respected peer in the health IT community — physicians and advocates who empathize, understand the challenges and have experienced their own success.



Conversations with 20 well-respected clinicians and health IT advocates

Dr. Rasu Shrestha on the Health IT Marketer Podcast“For clinicians, technology should really be invisible. Today we’ve come to tolerate technology. We’re dealing with alert fatigue. Technology shouldn’t be something that we tolerate; technology should be an enabler.” RASU SHRESTHA, MD, chief innovation officer, UPMC Save Save


Dr. Farris Timimi“Our silence on particular issues is catastrophic and lets other voices that have their own agenda dominate the conversation.” FARRIS TIMIMI, MD, medical director, Mayo Clinic Social Media Network


Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson“It doesn’t make any sense that we wouldn’t want patients and families to be doing research. It’s archaic to think that we as providers would hold all of the answers in a time of personalized and precision medicine.” WENDY SUE SWANSON, MD, a.k.a. @SeattleMamaDoc, executive director, digital health, Seattle Children’s



e-Patient Dave DeBronkart“We now have a clearer picture of what is possible when patient engagement and empowerment are done right. Now we face the question, so how the heck do you make it work? That’s where we’re learning.” “E-PATIENT DAVE” DEBRONKART, leading spokesman for the patient engagement movement



Justin Smith, M.D., a.k.a. @TheDocSmitty,“If we’re not really creating good information, how can we complain about the bad information patients are bringing in?” JUSTIN SMITH, MD, a.k.a. @TheDocSmitty, medical advisor for digital health/director for primary care innovation, Cook Children’s Hospital

Dr. Danny Sands on the Health IT Marketer Podcast“This is a change in attitude about transparency, about information sharing, about how we partner with patients and how we make decisions. It’s a change in attitude that does not have to obligate more time.” DANNY SANDS, MD, co-founder,
Society for Participatory Medicine

Also including relevant conversations with:

  • Mandi Bishop, #1 on the 2016 #HIT100
  • Tanya Altmann, MD, bestselling author, television parenting expert and practicing pediatrician
  • Aaron Watkins, senior director of Internet strategy and digital content marketing, Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • John Lynn, founder and editor,
  • Linda Stotsky, health IT usability analyst, #5 on the 2016 #HIT100
  • Wen Dombrowski, MD, physician informaticist and digital innovation strategist
  • Fard Johnmar, president and CEO, Enspektos
  • Richard Milani, MD, chief clinical transformation officer, Ochsner Health
  • Matt Patterson, MD, president, AirStrip
  • Sterling Lanier, CEO, Tonic
  • Shawn Gross, chief digital strategist and health care lead, White Rhino
  • David Chou, CIO, Mercy Children’s Hospital
  • Sue Schade, founding advisor, StarBridge Advisors
  • Nick Adkins, founding member of the #pinksocks tribe and advocate for change