Health IT Marketer Podcast featuring Janet Kennedy

Janet Kennedy, host of the Get Social Health Podcast, gets social with us by talking about how health care providers can start engaging on social media. Hear her insights on claiming your existing social media profiles, listening to and responding to comments and planning a strategy. Janet also has some useful ideas on how to get the most out of listening to podcasts — we invite you to pay attention.

Show notes

Air Date: November 18, 2015
Guest: Janet Kennedy, host of the Get Social Health Podcast, and founder of the Get Social Health Academy

1:04 Listener comments from Don Lee and Susan Houck Clark
1:48 Announcing the Health Care Podcasters Blab weekly on Mondays at noon EST!
2:47 Introducing Janet Kennedy
5:19 Get Social Health Podcast
8:28 Tips for getting the most out of health care podcasting
10:14 What is Get Social Health Academy?
13:31 You’ve got to be engaged whether you want to or not
16:29 Where do I start with social media?
19:08 Bonus question: If you could join a music group or rock band for a day, who would it be?
20:38 An impassioned plea for podcasting — we will love you forever!

Excited to Announce the Health Care Podcasters Blab

We are getting our Blab on! Starting next Monday, November 23, at noon Eastern, Jared will be co-hosting the inaugural Health Care Podcasters Blab with my fellow podcast hosts Joe Lavelle (intrepid Health), Janet Kennedy (Get Social Health) and Todd Eury (Pharmacy Podcast). We will be discussing highlights from recent guest interviews and some of the latest trends in health care marketing.

We will be posting the Blab link each time prior to that Monday’s show. Stay tuned on Twitter for details!

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Guest biography

Janet Kennedy is the founder and host of the Get Social Health Podcast sharing best practice stories and interviews about social media in healthcare. Janet has interviewed medical futurists, socially active healthcare practitioners and ePatients, digital health advocates and entrepreneurs. She is a co-founder of Get Social Health Academy, a coaching and eLearning consultancy producing online courses for Healthcare Associations, Medical Societies, and private practices.

Reach Janet on Twitter at @GetSocialHealth.

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