Jared is excited to host the August Healthcare IT Marketing and PR Community (HITMC) Twitter chat on Tuesday, August 4, at noon EDT (9 am PDT).

We’ll be discussing a fun topic that is sure to evoke a lively discussion. This chat will focus on “How can you tell if a company is good at marketing?” I contributed a post to the HITMC blog on this topic to frame the discussion.

To participate, follow the #HITMC Twitter stream on your favorite Twitter tool and add #HITMC to all of your tweets.

Here are the 5 topics we’ll be discussing:

1. How can you tell if a company is good at marketing?

2. What are the most difficult marketing measurements to track?

3. What aspects of marketing (e.g. strategy, pricing, customer voice, brand, etc.) are the most important?

4. What are your secrets to gaining buy-in for your marketing plan?

5. How successful at marketing is Health IT vs. other segments of health care & other industries? Are there benchmarks we can use?

Bonus: What is the single greatest thing Health IT organizations can do to strengthen their marketing?

Hope you can join us!