Kathy Divis, HCIC, Greystone.net

Kathy Divis, founder of the Health Care Internet Conference (HCIC) and president of consulting firm Greystone.net, offers simple, proven ways to address three key digital marketing challenges in health care: silos, limited resources, and managing change. Learn why it is essential that your website has tangible benefits for all users.

Show notes

Air Date: December 23, 2015
Guest: Kathy Divis, president, Greystone.net, founder of the Health Care Internet Conference (HCIC)

1:11 Introducing Kathy Divis
2:27 Highlights from HCIC 2015
4:20 What trends are you seeing in health care digital marketing?
7:02 What pain points should health care marketers pay attention to?
10:59 How can a health IT marketer move digital marketing forward?
14:00 Bonus question: If you could join a music group or rock band for a day, who would it be?
16:20 Final thoughts

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