Digital Customer Experience

What I do: Map digital customer journeys and evaluate customer experience through your brand’s digital touch points

When you should call me:

  • When your digital customer experiences have too much friction
  • When you want to build a business case for making investments in customer experience
  • When you have mapped customer journeys but need greater insight into digital aspects of those journeys
  • When you want to create a positive customer experience before they set foot in your facility
  • When you need help creating digital experiences that make life better for your customers, but you don’t know where to start
  • When you need help listening to customers
  • When you don’t know what to do with your journey maps
  • When you struggle to break down internal silos and need help aligning stakeholders

How I do it:

Custom for each client. I plug in at any level of seniority or bandwidth you need to move forward on your digital customer experience initiatives.


  • Audits
  • Kickstart Workshop
  • Retainer
  • Subcontract white label service for agency

Why me:

  • I research and create digital experiences on a regular basis
  • I have learned from some of the best experience design professionals in the industry
  • I have developed digital customer experiences for well-known brands from startups to the Fortune 500
  • I save you money by helping you avoid making bad investments and common mistakes
  • I understand digital consumers better than almost anyone
  • I especially understand healthcare consumers (See my podcast. Or my book.)
  • I challenge the status quo

Are you ready?

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