Digital Transformation

What I do: Develop processes, team structures, and investment strategies to optimize marketing tech and analytics

When you should call me:

  • When your team is struggling to use its marketing and consumer data effectively
  • When you want Digital transformation for your organization
  • When processes, team structures, or investment strategies need to be updated to reflect your current business strategy
  • When you want to use consumer data to inform your marketing strategy
  • When you aren’t meeting your growth objectives

How I do it:

Custom for each client. I plug in at any level of seniority or bandwidth you need to move forward on your marketing ops initiatives.


  • Audits
  • Kickstart Workshop
  • Retainer
  • Subcontract white label service for agency

Why me:

  • I develop winning marketing ops strategies on a regular basis
  • I built and led an early adopter marketing tech and analytics team
  • I tie marketing ops to business value
  • I have experience aligning stakeholders and securing buy-in for major marketing ops investments
  • I will save you money by helping you avoid making bad investments and common mistakes
  • I challenge the status quo

Are you ready?

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