Content Marketing

Marketing Consulting

We are a digital marketing consulting team that generates and amplifies thought leadership content for health care and technology services. We’d like to think we have something pretty unique going on here with the consulting services we provide to evaluate and improve your digital marketing strategy.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Creating share-worthy content is one of the most effective strategies to win conversions and generate business.

Mobile Development

Mobile Development

Apps take convenience and context to a whole new level. Your customers or patients might like that.

Reputation Management
Reputation Management

People are talking about your business. Don’t stick your head in the sand. Plan, monitor and engage.

Content Spotlight:
Health IT Marketer Podcast

Host Jared Johnson stays relevant, inspirational and a little unconventional while shedding light on digital engagement strategies for mobile, content marketing, social media and more. New episodes every Wednesday.

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How does ResearchKit change clinical studies?

We created the industry’s first infographic that illustrates the impact of Apple’s ResearchKit on medical research.

Receive a copy of the results of our survey and learn how medical research professionals are using the app framework.

When should I engage with Ultera?

Do you: 1. Work with rock star marketing specialists but need help putting a strategy together? 2. Want to get more out of your digital marketing without switching up your team? 3. Need additional resources temporarily?

How does it work?

We evaluate your digital marketing strategy & execution. We identify areas to improve. We provide the resources to make those improvements or point you to where you can find them.