It’s time to change
healthcare marketing.

For good.

The status quo doesn’t work anymore.

More and more healthcare marketers are changing how they engage audiences, by creating content that speaks to their audience’s unique wants and needs.

It’s called Marketing Forward, and it’s necessary in order to leave the status quo behind. Yesterday’s digital strategies don’t address today’s consumers.

We have to evolve. But how?

I help you address today’s digital content challenges.

If your hospital or healthcare organization is like most, it can be a challenge to bridge the gap between managing today’s content and building tomorrow’s customer experience. Despite your efforts, it can be easy to fall short of the goal of using content to achieve meaningful business outcomes while improving the patient journey.

Your day-to-day challenges can include the following:

  • Keeping up with daily content production, posting, and measurement
  • Conveying the business value to internal stakeholders
  • Documenting and sticking to the content strategy
  • Filling in temporary gaps
  • Getting the most mileage out of content
  • Getting the most out of marketing data and analytics
  • Auditing website, social media, patient communications, emails, texts, etc. from an outside angle
  • Getting a podcast, video series, or voice search strategy off the ground
  • Tying content to customer experience

I can help.

What’s the Solution to Your Content Woes?

A trusted advisor to partner with your in-house team
and guide them toward next-generation content success … while helping you win now. 

An outside, future-facing perspective to help you stay current and relevant.

Content production and writing experience to step in and knock out a project.