It’s time to change
healthcare marketing.

For good.

The status quo doesn’t work anymore.

More and more healthcare marketers are changing everything about how they reach their audiences, by creating content that speaks to their audience’s wants and needs.

It’s called New World Marketing, and it’s necessary in order to leave the status quo behind. Yesterday’s digital strategies don’t address today’s consumers.

We have to evolve. But how?

I help you evolve healthcare marketing, before it evolves you.

I am a keynote speaker and consultant on a mission to change the status quo. I help you and your marketing team prepare for the future by addressing the things that no one else is talking about:

Why is your content not performing as well as it used to? How can you become comfortable with analytics to become more efficient? What relationships do you need to develop within your organization to succeed with digital? When was the last time your content made healthcare easier, less scary, or more convenient for someone?

If you need help answering these questions, I would love to connect with you! Click the links below to learn how I can help through speaking engagements and consulting. And check out the wealth of resources — podcasts, blogs and the book!

Jared Johnson, Founder and Chief Digital Awesomeness Advisor