Periscope and Blab in Health Care Marketing

I love the attention being given to Periscope and Blab. My friend (and yours) Chuck Webster has blogged about both platforms and used them extensively. Dr. Brian Stork gave a great summary of his experience with Periscope here. Dr. Jimmie Legan, Sean Erreger, John Lynn and many others are contributing regularly to ongoing discussions about these platforms.

On his most recent post, Chuck pointed out this list of 5 potential uses for Periscope and other videocasting applications from Ross Simmonds:

Ross Simmonds’ 5 Potential Uses for Brands:

  • Authentic look behind the scenes
  • Exclusive promotion or deals
  • Ask me anything or Honest Hours
  • Creative and unique engagement initiatives
  • In-the-moment storytelling

I thought I’d try to expand the list. Just in time for Chuck to host the November HITMC Twitter chat, I am starting this list of ways to use these emerging videocasting platforms in health care marketing. I’d love to crowdsource this list and continue to expand it. Please comment here or on Twitter, and I’ll add your suggestions to the list.

Let’s keep this going!

25 ways to use Periscope and Blab in Health IT Marketing

  1. Demonstrate your EMR on different devices to show a consistent user experience
  2. Share behind-the-scenes footage of your team hack-a-thon
  3. Create a series that answers the most commonly asked customer service questions one at a time
  4. Train your care team remotely
  5. Take turns introducing each other to your favorite causes, health care specialty groups, or nonprofit organizations
  6. Make your internal training meetings public
  7. Demonstrate tips and tricks for your product
  8. Create a virtual users’ forum to allow customers to speak with each other
  9. Discuss beta products or recently released versions to solicit quick product feedback
  10. Broadcast remote meetings of specialty-specific applications
  11. Answer questions live from the comments and chat
  12. Survey customers’ pain points
  13. Invite users to tweet about a particular topic to raise awareness
  14. Share live customer video testimonials
  15. Discuss blog posts on current trends in real time
  16. “Tease” (demonstrate) the first 5 minutes of a conference presentation or podium speech that you are giving
  17. Share favorite inspirational/motivational quotes one at a time
  18. Survey potential users for desired features and upgrades to your product
  19. Create virtual support group meetings for your specialty — cancer support groups, autism, epilepsy, etc.
  20. Share your town hall meetings
  21. Give access to your CEO and other executives to show that they are human (you’d be surprised how often the public forgets that they are real people)
  22. Demonstrate your company’s transparency by providing behind-the-scenes looks at your product development system or quality system
  23. Demonstrate your product in real life in customers’ hands
  24. Introduce your customer care team to the world
  25. Show your personality — try live freestyle rapping!

What can you add to the list?