This week's episode features health care podcasters Joe Lavelle, Janet Kennedy and Todd Eury

The more, the merrier! Join the four hosts of the new Health Care Podcasters Blab, a new weekly series where Jared joins the hosts of the Pharmacy Podcast, Get Social Health, and intrepidNOW Healthcare to discuss current trends and articles that caught their attention.

Show notes

Air Date: November 25, 2015
Guests: Joe Lavelle (intrepidNOW Healthcare), Janet Kennedy (Get Social Health Podcast), and Todd Eury (Pharmacy Podcast)

1:59 This week’s episode features excerpts from the inaugural Health Care Podcasters Blab
4:25 Joe Lavelle introduces guests
6:09 What articles/podcasts caught our attention this week?
6:46 Jason Miller’s simple formula for content and thought leadership: Read, Write, Share, Network
11:15 Joe Lavelle’s reaction to an article from KevinMD on telemedicine
23:09 Tips for being interviewed on a podcast
27:16 Our plans for future episodes

Excited to Announce the Health Care Podcasters Blab

We are getting our Blab on! Starting next Monday, November 23, at noon Eastern, Jared will be co-hosting the inaugural Health Care Podcasters Blab with my fellow podcast hosts Joe Lavelle (intrepidNOW Healthcare), Janet Kennedy (Get Social Health) and Todd Eury (Pharmacy Podcast). We will be discussing highlights from recent guest interviews and some of the latest trends in health care marketing.

We will be posting the Blab link each time prior to that Monday’s show. Stay tuned on Twitter and LinkedIn for details!

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