Colin Hung on the Health IT Marketer Podcast

We have the pleasure of welcoming Colin Hung on this week’s episode of the Health IT Marketer Podcast. Colin has played a big part in the development of the health IT marketing community.

Tune in as Colin gives an inside look at plugging in and building the health IT community using Twitter chats and other tools such as Symplur and SocialBro.

We also have a special announcement from John Lynn about the 2016 Healthcare IT Marketing and PR Conference (HITMC).

Show notes

Air Date: September 30, 2015
Guest: Colin Hung, director of marketing, Stericycle Communication Solutions

0:48 Show notes now available at
3:28 Good luck with the ICD-10 roll-out!
5:45 Special announcement from John Lynn!
7:01 Insider details about HITMC 2016!
9:25 Introducing Colin Hung
10:50 What social media strategies are working in health IT?
12:55 How often do I post to maximize engagement?
16:03 How do I know which social media channels to invest in?
17:56 Winning on Twitter
20:43 The #hcldr Twitter chat takes place Tuesdays at 8:30 pm Eastern
24:38 What do you get out of a Twitter chat?
27:21 Bonus question 1: What’s the best book you’ve read lately?
30:56 The need for building social media communities in health IT
33:38 What areas in healthcare are growing in social media?
36:53 What tools can help me manage my Twitter community?
38:13 Just jump in!
40:24 Bonus question 2: If you could join a music group or band for a day, who would it be?

Colin uses these tools to manage his social media communities:

  1. TweetDeck — managing posts and listening
  2. Symplur — finding conversations by topic
  3. SocialBro — measurement, analytics, managing connections
  4. Twitter — trending topics

Guest biography

Colin brings energy, creativity and a win-together attitude to his role as director of marketing for Stericycle Communication Solutions. For the past 20 years Colin has helped various healthcare & IT companies launch new products, enter new markets and achieve breakthrough revenue growth. Colin is extremely passionate about improving healthcare. He co-founded and manages the popular healthcare leadership Twitter community (#hcldr).  He is also on the leadership team of HackingHealth – a volunteer organization that is dedicated to driving innovation in healthcare. Colin is a registered Professional Engineer in the province of Ontario and finally got a chance to use his degree when he helped to design a 20×20 island booth that won Exhibitor Magazine’s top honor in 2011.

Connect with Colin on Twitter: @colin_hung.

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