Steve Koch and Russ Maloney on the Health IT Marketer Podcast

This is a special co-production with the hosts of the Crux Points podcast, Steve Koch and Russ Maloney from Sitewire Health. Steve and Russ join Jared to give a preview of their upcoming presentation at the 19th Annual Health Care Internet Conference on emerging technologies driving new patient care. And yes, we talk about smart underwear.

Show notes

Air Date: November 3, 2015
Guests: Steve Koch, Senior Strategist, Sitewire Health; Russ Maloney, Senior Strategic Planner, Sitewire Health

0:40 Celebrating one year of Ultera Digital full time!
1:15 Introducing Steve Koch and Russ Maloney
2:00 Coproduction with the Healthcare Crux Points podcast
3:50 How did we land on the topic, and how did we end up collaborating on the presentation?
7:21 Why are we focusing on applications in the exam room, i.e. patient care settings?
9:53 What things did we learn while researching the presentation that surprised us?
13:54 Why are we personally interested in this topic?
16:28 Can we each give 1 of our favorite facts or takeaways from the presentation?
20:53 Final thoughts

HCIC Session Information

We would love to have a conversation before, during or after the conference!

Health Care Internet Conference (HCIC)
November 11, 2015
11:15 am, Congressional Room
Orlando, Florida
Omni Orlando at Championsgate

Find more details on the conference site: Emerging Technologies Driving New Patient Care.

Guest biographies

Steve Koch, Senior Strategist, Sitewire Health

As a senior strategist at Sitewire Health, Steve works to help our clients understand the evolving healthcare consumer and transform and simplify the patient experience to and through healthcare.

Russ Maloney, Senior Strategic Planner, Sitewire Health

As senior strategic planner at Sitewire Health, Russ marries his relentless curiosity with business sense to reimagine the patient experience for our clients.

Engage with the Sitewire Health team on Twitter at @SitewireHealth.

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